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Everyone can learn to sing


We believe that all artistic learning is much more efficient in a fun environment


We rely on the most recent scientific studies in the vocal field


From the first sessions, obvious results on your voice ease

What they say

Ethan, 24 years old


" Faced with this professionalism, this kindness and talent, I have no choice but to give it my best and push my limits. I recommend!"

Arnaud, 30 years old


" David is both serious and knows how to listen. I always leave having learned something new. You do not lose your time nor your money. I recommend !"

Julie, 34 years old


" The work with David is rigorous and the exercises always target precisely my difficulties. You let yourself be guided without any fuss."

Jim, 43 years old


" His main strength? His character and his touch. He does not intimidate and puts us at ease right away. He has a real talent to adapt to your demands and always attacks a problem by several angles by relying on images, sensations and sounds. To be honest, I took singing lessons before but I cannot imagine working with another teacher anymore."

Mireille, 59 years old


" I really appreciate having a detailed program at each session with exercises that correspond to my difficulties. As time goes by, vocal ease is there."

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